Robotics and Microcontroller
Tech Session

As part of Bangladesh Internet Week, an event was held at Metropolitan University on the 10th of September in Sylhet. The topic of the event was "Robotics and Microcontroller" and the event was for engineering students and hobbyists who are interested in learning about the fascinating topic of Robotics and Micro-Controller. 

The speakers of the event were Mr. Syed Rezwanul Haque Nabil and Mr. Robi Kormokar, who led the discussion which the students found extremely fascinating. They explained what a micro-controller was and how micro-controllers and other integrated devices are used in technology to make our lives easier. After explaining the microcontroller, they started talking about how robots can be made and designed using microcontrollers. 

After the event was conlcuded the two speakers were honored by being presented with crestss. The event was a happy success and the students found it both rewarding and enlightening. 

Venue & Time :

Metropolitan University

10th September
12:00pm - 12:00am


Seminar Photos :