Dream Big - Leveraging Internet for Career
Tech Session

An event was held on the 10th of September at The Millenium School and College in Rangpur. The event, titled 'Dream Big - Leveraging Internet for Career" aimed at teaching students of university and college level about the numerous opportunitites presented by the internet in terms of employment. The event was held as part of Bangladesh Internet Week, a countrywide extravaganza to promote the use of internet throughout the country of Bangladesh. 

The speakers at the event were Rakhshada Rukham, Leader, Women TechMakers Bangladesh and Ashraful Islam Liton, Covener of BASIS Student's Forum in Rangpur. 

The main topic of interest was about using the internet to design your life. The speaker, Ms. Rukham, talked about the wealth of opportunitites that is provided by access to the internet. Ms. Rukham urged students to design their lives and use the internet as a tool for empowerment and learning. She ended her presentation by showing a motivational video on the topic. 

Ashraful Islam Liton talked about the benefits of the internet and why it is an ideal place for young minds to grow and thrive. He talked about his own past experiences and how he has used the internet for learning. 
Venue & Time :

The Millennium Stars School and College

10th September
12:00pm - 2:00am
Seminar Photos :

The Millenium School and College