Tech Session

As part of Bangladesh Internet Week, numerous tech events were held throughout the country to promote awareness and the usage of the internet amongst the people. One such tech event was held at Shahjalal Jamea Islamia School and College titled "Programming". The event was a small introductory workshop where students were taught the basics of programming and its aim was to demystify programming for many of the students and to make them aware of how useful and accessible it is. 

The speaker of the event was Akhlak Uz Zaman Ashik who led the tech event. He started by explaining to the students about programming is and why it is important. After that, he talked about how software is made and the numerous programming languages which are used to make software. He talked about websites, mobile apps and many other things which are all dependent on a knowledge of programming. 

The students enjoyed themselves immensely. The speaker was honored with a crest given to him after the event ended. 
Venue & Time :

Shahajalal Jamea

10th September
12:00pm - 12:00am


Seminar Photos :

Shah jalal Jamea