Event Details

Bangladesh Internet Week will be a country wide festival celebrating the uses and the benefits of Internet and internet enabled applications. In Bangladesh, there are over 40 million internet users in the country, the majority of whom use internet through their mobile. However, a great many of users in Bangladesh only view internet usage in a limited scope - for social networking and as a means for keeping connected. Through the Bangladesh Internet Week initiative, we hope to increase their awareness of the life changing capabilities of the internet for employment, education, eCommerce, agriculture, health benefits, eGovernance, public services, entertaintmentand so forth.

City Venue Date
Dhaka Banani Field 5, 6, 7 September
Rajshahi Nankinbazar Field 9 September
Sylhet City Indoor Stadium 11 September
Others 487 UDCs

Major Expos in 3 Cities, Fairs in 487 Union Digital Centers:

Bangladesh Internet Week will be a week-long event, held throughout the country. There will be major expositions showcasing internet technologies, applications and software packages in three major cities of the county - Dhaka, Rajshahi and Sylhet.

Along with that, we will also have smaller programs held in each of the 487 Union Digital Centers throughout the country to inform and educate. These UDCs will showcase some of the key technologies and applications showcased at the main expos.

4 Million Footfall in a span of 7 days

We are expecting a footfall of 4 million people during this week.

Due to the vast nature of the event, Bangladesh Internet Week will have a very large footfall. We are confidently expecting that, during the course of the week, over 4 million people will partake in the event. This includes students, professionals, industry leaders, businessmen and people from all socio-economic backgrounds throughout the country.

The people from rural and suburban areas are also a significant part of this festival. A huge number of people are expected to attend the festival through the respective UCDs in their areas.

Happening for the first time, Bangladesh Internet Week will be vast in scale and reach, influencing millions of people throughout the country about the uses of the internet.

Mass media activation along with 7 policy dialogues:

The event will be heavily covered throughout all forms of media through ATL and BTL activities. Bangladesh Internet Week will have a strong Digital media presence especially through the mass media and popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and through numerous technologies related blogs and sites on the internet. Bangladesh internet Week will be heavily covered in printed media as well, with coverage appearing in all of the major Bengali and English Daily newspapers in the country.

The communication plan has been done in such a way so that it catches the attention of people from both the urban and rural areas as the target is to reach the unconnected people and to open new avenues. The communication plan consists of a month long of activity which has already started. Mass communication will start with the official announcement.